Nearly a week after Hurricane Isaac slammed the southern coast of Louisiana, entire neighborhoods in Plaquemines Parish were still under four to six feet of water. I tagged along with Gus Givemas Sr., a resident of Braithwaite, as he tried to access his home with no luck. His home was still flooded with nearly four feet of water. I listened as he told his story and what he thought the people of Braithwaite really needed. The video ends with a quick update on the work that Operation Blessing is doing in Plaquemines Parish.


  1. New Orleans ordered a dusk-to-dawn curfew Wednesday afternoon, joining a list of parishes and communities that already had done so.

  2. The man often depicted as a boxer in a ring, a bull whose raw indignation drives him forward, Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser nearly ran out of steam during Hurricane Isaac as one personal hit after another knocked him to the ground. Not only were swaths of his parish submerged, but Nungesser’s own home sustained unexpected damage and his mother was hospitalized and eventually died.