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Livermore, California

A long-form features shoot found me in San Francisco and its outlying suburbs. These are a few photos I snapped of a mom/daughter duo we interviewed in their garden. They even gave us peaches from their peach tree, and they were delicious.

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Business Cards

Business cards just came in the mail. So exciting that I thought I’d share these photos. Just pretend to be enthusiastic… By the way, I’ve been advertising around. A three hour engagement photo shoot, 40 final images, 10 of those professionally touched up by yours truly, all for $100. That’s a STEAL, based on the…

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I’ve added a few of my favorite stories to my Vimeo channel. I shot and edited most of them. Some videos are breaking news, others are more Dateline’ish feature stories. I’ll be sure to add a few of them to the video section on this website soon. In the meantime, you can find the videos…

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A Revamping

The whole site got revamped. In the old days I used to register and host my website through a third party company. ¬†Well, I like the layout and feel of a blog revamped as a freelance website much better. So I did it. Explore the site, look at some of the videos, and let me…

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The Woman Who Was a Clown

It started with skipping dinner. I was in a hotel in San Diego, a big Hilton just off of San Diego Bay. I had skipped dinner after a long day of shooting news stories for CBN. And instead of grabbing dinner out–I stayed in. This turned out to be an error. At around 9:30 my…

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A Fort Hood Sunset

Thursday afternoon Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, stormed into the Soldier Readiness Center, two handguns drawn, and started firing at whoever he could find. Some argue he had targets, others argue it was random. Although the details are still murky, it is clear that Hasan did something unthinkable, irrational, and arguably unforgivable. Some…