On April 4th tornadoes touched down in several places around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Within hours I was on a plane headed to Dallas. As part of a rapid response team, I was sent to make damage assessments to determine if a full deployment would be necessary. Driving around parts of South Dallas, namely Lancaster, we saw heavy damage inflicted on brick structures: something we look for. Below are some of the photos from my first few days in Lancaster.



  1. Wow. Your work is incredible…little strange to “like” a blog about disaster, but you really caught the feel of the experience.

    • It’s hard to “like” disaster photos for sure. My goal has always been to capture those things most people would never see, whether it’s the bottom of the Grand Canyon, or tornado damage in Texas. If people can only experience it in some way it motivates them to get involved somehow! Thanks for visiting my site and reading my posts!