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Wedding packages start at $2750 and include:

  • 6 hours of wedding coverage with myself and a second photographer
  • A leather, 8 x 11, flush mount book of the best wedding photos
  • An 11 x 14 canvas print of your choice
  • A three hour engagement photo shoot
  • A leather, 8 x 11, flush mount book of the best engagement photos
  • 2 thumb drives with the hi-resolution digital files


A D D – O N S

I’m happy to add on any of the following pieces to your wedding package. For more information about customizing your own wedding package, feel free to contact me and we can chat about what you and your future spouse are looking for.

  • Bridal portrait shoot ($300)
  • Trash the Dress, post-wedding, fine art, portrait shoot ($300)
  • Leather, 8 x 11, custom designed, flush mount, engagement photo shoot book ($125 each)
  • Leather, 8 x 8, custom designed, flush mount, parent’s “Thank You” book ($100 each)
  • Rehearsal dinner photo coverage ($200)
  • Print packages (prices vary)


F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

What is your style?

I am a nonprofit, humanitarian photographer by trade and my wedding photography reflects that. The easiest way to get a feel for my style is to look at some of the wedding galleries on my website. I believe in creating clean, emotional, photo-journalistic/documentary type images. I look for shapes, colors, symmetry, or unique perspectives that go beyond the typical or cliche. I also believe in a hybrid style of documentary/fine-art photography, carefully balancing classic portraits, being invisible, and interacting with people when necessary. Most important though, is naturally capturing the emotion of your wedding day as you experience it.

For a good breakdown of styles, visit this link.

How often do you shoot weddings since you aren’t a wedding photographer? Can we trust you to shoot ours?

This is a good question. And it’s true, I’m not just a wedding photographer. Many photogs specialize in weddings and that’s great. Professionally, my work is mostly in humanitarian photography and producing documentary films. In the past two years alone I’ve been to Haiti, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Guatemala, Mexico, and Thailand. All that being said, I schedule my own trips for humanitarian and nonprofit work. When I schedule a wedding you can count on me being there with no schedule conflict. In full disclosure, I don’t shoot 50+ weddings a year like some wedding photographers. If you’re looking for someone that only shoots weddings and nothing else I’m probably not your guy.

I do have experience shooting weddings, but I bring much more depth and experience that is gained from shooting for a diverse client set in extremely challenging environments. I consider it an honor to shoot wedding photos and take it very seriously. These are the photos you will look at for the rest of your life and I do not take that lightly.

What kind of equipment do you have?

My primary camera is a Canon 5D MK III and my secondary camera is a Canon 5D MK II. Both cameras are capable of producing extremely high quality images that can be blown up to very large sizes. If you want to get technical, both cameras have full-frame sensors and shoot 20+ megapixels. I also have a wide variety of lenses that I use depending on lighting and venue size. In addition to cameras and lenses I have a bunch of other photo gear I use like flashes, light stands, reflectors, and small constant lights.

How do you pick your second photographer?

Being a guy, I try to find a second photographer that is female so she can shoot the “getting ready” images that I would have trouble shooting. I also look for someone that 1) has experience shooting weddings, 2) has a track record of shooting just as high quality images as I do, and 3) has equipment that is just as high quality as mine. Even though there will be a second photographer, I still act as the primary photographer and will give the second photographer direction when needed.

Will you bring a photo assistant?

It depends on the wedding and the environment. If I expect difficult lighting and environment conditions then I may bring a photo assistant to help with flashes, batteries, and memory cards. I’ll let you know this ahead of time.

Will you use flashes?

Not during the ceremony, no. I find flashes are distracting during the wedding ceremony and use other techniques to get the right photos during the ceremony. For the wedding reception I may use flashes depending on the lighting conditions and time of day. If you’re concerned about lighting, or are anticipating a really dark environment we can talk about ways to still get the photos you want.

How long will it take to get the photo book, print, and final photos?

Depending on the wedding package you choose, it takes anywhere from three to four weeks to post process the images. It then takes an addition two weeks to create and deliver the photo products like the book and canvas print. For smaller shoots, like engagement photos or bridal portraits, it takes about two weeks to get your photos back. I do prefer to release a small preview of your photos on Facebook a week after your wedding or shoot (usually my favorite ten photos). However, if you prefer I not do this I’m happy to leave them off my website or Facebook.

Do you give printing rights to us?

Yes. And I do not charge extra for this. I include a print release with any final set of photos. This print release allows you to take your final set of photos to any print shop (Walmart, Sams, Walgreens, online retailers) and print whatever size and whatever quantity you want. I believe the photos belong to you and you have the right to do what you want with them, including emailing them to family and friends or putting them on social media sites.

Do you do online galleries?

Yes. For every shoot I create a private, password protected, online gallery once the final set of images are finished. This allows you to share the gallery with whoever you want, at your discretion. I leave the online gallery active for up to a year.

Will you give us all the photos or just some?

You can expect that if a shot is good or represents a key moment from your wedding I’ll include it in the final set of photos. The first thing I do after a shoot is to delete all the test images or “trash” images that are unusable. Then I go through and delete the images that are bad or not usable for other reasons. I do not deliver these “trash” photos as part of the final set.

Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG?

I shoot both during the wedding and ceremony. This allows me even more flexibility in post-processing. I do not deliver your final photo set as RAW though. The final photos you receive will be high quality JPEGs suitable for printing.

How many photos will we get?

There is no exact number that I stop shooting at or aim for. From past experience though, you can expect anywhere from 50 to 100 finished images per hour of shooting. I usually don’t focus on quantity as much as quality, but I want you to be happy with both.

Can we grab coffee and meet you before making a decision?

Most definitely, yes. I would actually recommend that you do this with any potential photographer before hiring him or her. It may sound silly, but getting along and trusting your photographer on the day of the wedding is really important. You know what qualities, style, and personality you want so a meeting beforehand is really important. I’m also happy to show you a full gallery of wedding photos from a recent shoot, talk through post-production details, or discuss what reproduction rights I give to couples after a shoot.

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